Distance Learning Assignments- 8th Grade


Week of May 4th, 2020



Week of April 20th

Emphasis Drawing


The drawing must “emphasize” something, but does not need to particularly be art tools like the pictures above. For example:it could be a school of fish with one fish swimming the opposite way or a school of fish with one starfish stuck in between, etc….


  • Paper must be filled to the max with objects
  • Many objects should be going off the page
  • One emphasized object
  • Emphasized object should be in color (colored pencil)
  • Carefully colored! Lots of detail!
  • All other objects need to be drawn in regular pencil

Due for this project : May 2, 11:59pm




Week of March 30th


Let’s take a great chance to be creative within your craziness as an artist!!!

There are two things you have to do in order to finish your Final Art Project! Design your own shoes’

Students will study the elements of art and apply individual visual expression to incorporate value into their shoes drawing. Students will show their shoes’ “personality” with a creative design on the shoes .

Here is the schedule for 6 weeks:

Week 1-2:

  • Make your own sketchbook-Click the link below to make your sketchbook
  • Make artful sketchbook
  • If you have only regular printer paper (white), then STACK AND STAPLE! DO NOT FOLD IN HALF!
  • Decorate the cover of your sketchbook with OWN THEME/IDEA with any materials you have at home
  • Upload the image of your sketchbook cover by March 29, Sunday 11:59pm ON TEAMS
  • You will be assessed on how much efforts you show in your cover

Sketchbooks have differing names, forms, and purposes….

  • Thinking books
  • Idea books
  • journals
  • Diaries

Painting is another way of keeping a diary.-Pablo Picasso


Week 3- 4:

  • Students create Happy Landscape inspired by Victoria Potrovitza. It will help students build up how to use space interacting with the elements of art.


Week 5-6:

‘Design your own shoes’