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What is Art?


What is Color?



All K-5

Happy Easter Bunny!

This happy  bunny is easy to draw and fun to paint. This project teaches children how to mix colors to achieve pastel colors or tints. After the drawing, kids can choose any color they wish to paint and add bright pops of color to the background.

If you don’t have tempera paint at home, that’s okay. Come with what you have (watercolor, markers, crayons).


– All purpose art paper

– Liquid tempera paint or craft paints

– Crayons/oil pastels


pastel color…. a soft pale color

Tint….  a shade of a color





Floral Bouquet : collage

I am calling out our fan-artistic St. John students to show how much we are thankful for those on the front line of the COVID19 response. Our small gestures are not huge but big enough to make them smile. They are not alone. We are with them. 

  • students can use ANY COLORED RECTANGULAR PAPER ( that is smaller than half of letter paper size ) to make their expressive poster.
  • students can draw, color, cut and paste, or write with any materials they have.
  • students can write letters/words, draw/paint the image that you think ‘thank you’ and encouragement, or make an abstract.
  • the families can drop off the artwork  to the box next to the flag pole at St. John school on both Tuesday and Wednesday from 12:30-1:30pm.






Let’s start with…

Making artful sketchbooks!

When it comes to limited supplies, drawing is going to be the best way to have our students find success. They can simply draw with the materials they have, any type of mark-making and paper will do the trick.

Use these drawing prompts to continue your students’ drawing skills.

100 Sketchbook Prompts

100 Silly Sketchbook Prompts

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