Art Program at St. John School

St. John School Art is taught by Mrs. Kyoungmi Jong (Mrs. Kay). Students in grades Kindergarten through 5 have art class once per week.  Students in grades six, seven, and eight have art with Mrs. Kay once per week for one trimester (1st trimester, grade 6; 2nd trimester, grade 7; 3rd trimester, grade 8).

From the Catholic Schools Department:

“Art increases a child’s ability to create abstractions and mental processes in the abstract; the arts serve as a bridge between the mind and the real world; art is the only content that takes advantage of the brain’s naturally occurring inclination to look for patterns, colors, shapes, lines, depth perception, sequence, and order.”

  • Mrs. Kyoungmi (Mrs. Kay) Jang serves students in grades Kindergarten through 8, teaching art history, criticism, aesthetics as well as the production of art in a variety of mediums.  Art classes are graded classes and are included on reporting materials.