Art Program at St. John School

St. John School is fortunate to have two highly capable individuals providing art education to our students.  Students in grades Kindergarten through 5 have art class once per week, alternating between Ms. Kay’s classes and Volunteer Parent Led classes, facilitated by Mrs. Desclos.  Students in grades six, seven, and eight have art with Ms. Kay once per week for one trimester (1st trimester, grade 6; 2nd trimester, grade 7; 3rd trimester, grade 8).

From the Catholic Schools Department:

“Art increases a child’s ability to create abstractions and mental processes in the abstract; the arts serve as a bridge between the mind and the real world; art is the only content that takes advantage of the brain’s naturally occurring inclination to look for patterns, colors, shapes, lines, depth perception, sequence, and order.”

  • Mrs. Kyoungmi (Ms. Kay) Jang serves students in grades Kindergarten through 8, teaching art history, criticism, aesthetics as well as the production of art in a variety of mediums.  Art Curriculum classes are graded classes and are included on reporting materials.
  • The Volunteer Parent Led Art Program is facilitated by Mrs. Jody Desclos.  Volunteers devise lesson plans with input from Mrs. Desclos, then present and guide students through art projects completed during the class.  As a complement to the total art program at St. John School, Volunteer Parent Led Art is a non-graded activity.